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OpenSCAD Rendering Tricks, Part 3: Web viewer

This is my sixth post in a series about the  open source split-flap display  I’ve been designing in my free time. Check out a  video of the prototype . Posts in the series: Scripting KiCad Pcbnew exports Automated KiCad, OpenSCAD rendering using Travis CI Using UI automation to export KiCad schematics OpenSCAD Rendering Tricks, Part 1: Animated GIF OpenSCAD Rendering Tricks, Part 2: Laser Cutting OpenSCAD Rendering Tricks, Part 3: Web viewer One of my goals when building the split-flap display was to make sure it was easy to visualize the end product and look at the design in detail without having to download the full source or install any programs. It’s hard to get excited about a project you find online if you need to invest time and effort before you even know how it works or what it looks like. I’ve previously blogged about automatically exporting the schematics, PCB layout , and even an animated gif of the 3D model to make it easier to understand the project at a glanc