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Robots and a Kinect

As part of MIT's 6.141 robotics course , we were challenged in teams to create autonomous robots that could navigate a space while collecting blocks and ultimately deploy those blocks to form some sort of structure (see: background and details ). The approach that my team took for the grand challenge was an ambitious one: create a fleet of diversified but simple robots that cooperate to gather and stack blocks. These “worker” robots are meant to be extremely simple remote-control vehicles that are commanded by a sensory “mothership” robot. The primary motivation was to develop a system that could parallelize tasks and capitalize on the agility of using smaller robots (for example, improved maneuverability in tight spaces). Our original design consisted of three “worker” robots: an agile gatherer that could grasp and carry a block, a dump truck that could carry multiple blocks, and a slow-but-precise stacker robot that could create block towers up to six blocks tall. The wo