Monday, July 19, 2010

My first instructable!

I'm a huge fan of DIY (in case you couldn't tell from this blog...), so naturally I love Instructables - a site with user-submitted how-to/DIY guides. There I saw a really neat "word clock" which is a clock that spells out the time in words rather than numbers, and thought it would make a cool present for my girlfriend at the time.

I improvised on the design and came up with a neat glossy black finish, packaged inside an Ikea shadowbox. It turned out looking really cool:

In the spirit of giving back, I wrote my first instructable so you can build your own clock just like this!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mr. Bezek,

    I would like to say how wonderful your clock is its really something quite unique. I have been looking through your instructables diy article but i have to admit i am quite terrible with electronics.

    May i ask sir, if you are selling this clock? Or if you have a spare lying around that you don't need :-)

    I know its a longshot but its worth asking i hope.

    Again, I hope i am not being rude. Please let me know thanks again for your time.

    can email me at